RIKEN Pioneering Project:

Evolution of Matter in the Universe

(Team 1) Super-Nuclear Physics in Astrophysical Big Bangs

Neutron Rich Nuclei

Measurement (RIBF, RCNP)
Theoretical (DFT)

Equation of State (EOS)

Strangeness Quarks & Hyper-Nuclei
Mass-Radius (M-R) Relation for Neutron Stars (NSs)

Astronomical Phenomena

Various Phases of NSs
Explosive Nucleosynthesis & Molecular Formation in Supernovae (SNe)

General Relativistic Hydro Simulations of Neutron Star Mergers (NSMs)

Gravitational Waves from NSMs
r-process Nucleothynthesis in NSMs & Kilonovae
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts (GBRs) from NSMs

(Team 2) Nuclear and Molecular Evolution in the Universe Studied with Atomic Physics Schemes

Methal Distribution in the Universe

Atomic Code Developement
X-ray and Gamma-ray Observations

Birthplace of Heavy Elements

Observations of Neutron Star Mergers (NSMs)
Laboratory Identification of Heavy Elements

From Atoms to Molecules

Molecular Science Experiments with Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor (TES)

(Team 3) Exploring Molecular Evolution and Nature in the Universe

Observational Studies

Chemical Diversity

- Origin and Variety (Metalicity effects)

Chemical Evolution

- From atom to molecule

Experimental Studies

Spectroscopy in Laboratory

- Spectrometer Using superconductor MIxer REceiver (SUMIRE) for Isotopic Species
- THz, submillimeter wideband spectrometer (TSUMIRE)

Surface Dynamics and Reactions

- Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
- STM based spectroscopies at a single-molecule level

Computational Studies

Chemical Model Calculations

- Connecting microscpic studies to macroscopic studies